Over 17,000 rescued by Navy during floods in Kerala, says Defence Ministry

Over 17,000 rescued by Navy during floods in Kerala, says Defence Ministry

A defence spokesperson on Monday said that the Indian Navy saved more than 70,000 people caught in gushing waters during the severe flood that hit Kerala last week.

Commander Shridhar Warrier, the defence spokesperson, said in Kochi that the navy personal showed their skills and courage during the rescue mission code named “Op Madad” in Kerala.

A total of 16,843 people were rescued by the navy of which 1,173 were airlifted while 15,670 were rescued by teams using Gemini boats after Kerala experienced unprecedented rainfall, he told PTI.

“Such was their efficiency that in fact, no deaths by drowning were reported in any area where naval teams systematically organised their rescue efforts,” he said.

Warrier said a robust and efficient Command, Control and Logistics Organisation of the Southern Naval Command (SNC), coordinated by Joint Operation Centre (JOC), ensured naval personnel deployed in the worst-hit areas were utilised efficiently to rescue maximum number of people.

Based on inputs from the state administration, as well as feedback from the teams on ground, careful planning of the utilisation of resources available with the Command was done and teams were deployed in the general areas where distress calls were most concentrated, he said.

“Once the resources available with the Southern Naval Command in terms of Gemini boats and divers were found to be falling short, additional resources were sought and promptly received from other naval commands,” Warrier said.